How to Stop Your Cat From Keeping You Up at Night

Does your kitty often wake you in the middle of the night? Fluffy may be adorable when she plays with her favorite toys, but her antics are probably not as cute when you’re trying to sleep. Below, you’ll learn a few tricks to help stop a nocturnal feline from keeping you up at night.


Playing is good for your cat in many ways, both mentally and physically. Play sessions give your furball a chance to indulge her inner huntress; offer mental stimulation; and will help keep her strong and healthy. Another great reason to play with your feline friend is that vigorous play will burn off some of Fluffy’s excess energy. This will leave you with a calmer, perhaps slightly tired, kitty. Since cats love sleeping, the odds of your cat napping after playtime are pretty good! To get the most out of Kitty’s play sessions, schedule them for just before bedtime.

Feed Dinner Late

Just like us, kitties often get sleepy after eating. Feed your cat her dinner shortly before your bedtime. This will most likely result in Fluffy yawning and looking for a comfy spot to curl up in just as you’re turning in for the night.


If your cat hasn’t been fixed yet, we strongly recommend scheduling spay or neuter surgery as soon as possible. Kitties that have been spayed or neutered tend to be calmer than intact pets. They are also much less inclined to wailing romantic songs about their search for kitty love!


Make sure that your cat has plenty of stimulation to keep her amused while you’re at work. Set up a cat tower or kitty window seat in a spot where your furball can watch birds, and offer plenty of toys.

Napping Buddies

A cuddly furball curled up next to you, purring, can be a great sleep aid. A cat that pounces on your toes or meows and scratches at the door every night? Not so much. Whether you choose to let Fluffy sleep with you or not is a matter of preference, so our main advice here is to be consistent. If you want to keep your kitty out of the bedroom, but sometimes give in and open the door, your furball will only try harder.

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