7 Reasons to Consider Putting Fido in Doggy Day Care

Even just a few years ago, doggy day care was considered a novelty for pampered pups. Today, this industry is becoming increasingly popular as more and more pet parents realize the benefits of doggy day care. Below, a Suwannee County, FL vet lists some benefits of doggy day care.


First and foremost, doggy daycare can be very fun for Fido! Instead of sitting home by himself, your pooch will get to run and play with his four-legged buddies.


Proper socialization is very important for puppies! Being around new people and gentle, friendly adult dogs can really help a young dog’s mental and emotional growth.


Do you have a super active dog that needs lots of exercise? Playing will burn off Fido’s excess energy. By the time you pick him up, he may be a bit tired. You’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing evening with your furry best friend. This can also reduce behavioral issues dogs sometimes engage in when left alone, such as chewing or digging.


In the wild, dogs run in packs. It’s very natural for Man’s Best Friend to want to interact and socialize with other pooches. Fido may really love spending time with his pals!

Special Needs Care

Dogs with medical conditions that require continuous monitoring or frequent doses of medication can also benefit from doggy day care. If your pet has special needs, ask your vet for recommendations on day care.

Stress-Free Boarding

If you board your furry friend when you travel, doggy day care can make this much easier on both you and Fido. He’ll already be used to the facility, which will make being away from home much less stressful for him. This is also easier for you: booking is often much simpler, as your pup’s records will already be on file. Plus, you can rest easily, knowing your canine pal is being well taken care of at a friendly, familiar place.


While it isn’t a universal practice, many doggy day care facilities do offer training. If Fido hasn’t yet mastered basic doggy obedience, day care may be a great option for you.

Are you interested in learning more about doggy day care? Do you think this may be a good option for your canine pal? We can help! Call us, your Suwannee County, FL animal hospital, anytime.

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