6 Essential Supplies for a New Kitten

Are you about to bring a kitten into your home? Congratulations on your new addition! It’s important that you make sure your little furball has everything she needs to stay happy and healthy as she gets acclimated to her new surroundings. Here are six essential supplies for a new kitten:

Litter Box

Every cat needs a litter box in which to do their business every day. Make sure your kitten’s box is large enough so that she can easily get in and out, and place it in an easily accessible but quiet, out-of-the-way location where your cat can use it without being disturbed. Clean the litter box on a daily basis to keep things fresh.

Food and Water Bowls

Since some kittens are allergic to plastic, it’s best to choose bowls made of another material, like stainless steel. Try to pick bowls that don’t tip over easily, as your rambunctious kitten may barrel right into them. Wash the food and water bowls on a regular basis so that bacteria can’t build up on them.


At some point, your cat will need to be transported, whether it’s to the vet’s office or to the groomer’s. Choose a carrier that is large enough for your kitten to sit and comfortably turn around in, and make sure that the door fastens securely so that Kitty can’t escape.

Scratching Post

It’s always best to start training a kitten to use a scratching post early on. That way, they grow up using it and consider it a normal part of life by the time they’re an adult. Play with your kitten near the post whenever you can, encouraging her to use it. With luck, she’ll get the hint and continue using the post whenever she feels the need to scratch!


While you’ll find that your kitten will sleep almost anywhere, it can’t hurt to get her a simple bed to start out with. Place it in a quiet area of the house where your kitten can go to relax, and try lining it with a comfortable fabric or pillow to further entice your feline friend.


Of course, you’ll want to provide your new addition with plenty of fun toys to play with. Always choose safe toys that are made specifically for cats!

Does your kitten need her first veterinary exam? Make an appointment at the office today — we’re always here to help.

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