Helping Your Cat and Dog Get Along

Do you have both a cat and a dog? In some cases, Fluffy and Fido bond very closely, and become BFFs. In other cases, they may fight like, well, cats and dogs. A local vet offers some tips on helping your furry pals make peace.

Keep Fido Active

Dogs tend to be much calmer and better behaved when they are getting enough exercise and playtime. Take time to walk and play with Fido every day. This will help him burn off excess energy.

Don’t Just Go By Breed

Dogs’ breeds can definitely have a huge influence on their behavior. However, don’t assume it’s the biggest factor. Personality is much more important! Consider Fido’s character and history, as well as his breed.

Train Fido

Fido needs quite a bit of training to learn how to be a good boy. Teach your canine buddy to be gentle with the cat … even if Fluffy is pouncing on his tail.

Separate Spaces

One common issue here is that dogs tend to help themselves to both their food and their feline roommates’ dinners. Keep Fluffy’s food and litterbox in an area Fido can’t reach. One option is to cut a kitty door into a closet.

Proper Introductions

First impressions are a big deal to our furry friends. Take time when introducing your pets. At first, keep them separated, and just let them get used to each other’s scents. Introduce them under supervision. If they fight, separate them and start over.

Let Them Grow Up Together

This is really the best option. More often than not, cats and dogs who grow up together do just fine. They may even become playmates and napping buddies! (Plus, you’ll get some adorable photos.)

Offer Safe Spaces

Kitties often feel more secure in safe areas. Make sure that Fluffy has a spot to retreat to in every room. This doesn’t have to be fancy, just somewhere Fido can’t reach her. Vertical spaces, such as cat towers, are great for this.

Know When To Say When

Unfortunately, peace and harmony isn’t always going to happen. Squabbles can be quite dangerous, especially for the cat. If your dog is showing signs of aggression, you may need to rethink things. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please reach out to us, your local vet clinic in Live Oak, FL, anytime. We are always here to help!

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