Cute Tricks to Play on Your Dog

Did you play any April Fools’ Day jokes on your dog this month? While you don’t want to go overboard when pranking Fido, it can also be fun to play a little joke on your four-legged friend now and then. In this article, a local vet lists some pranks that you can play on Fido.

Turn Your Phone Alarm Into A Meow

You probably won’t be able to resist giggling as Fido tries to figure out where the strange cat is. You can also experiment with different sound effects, and see which ones get the cutest reactions.

The Fake Throw

You’ve probably done this one at least a few times. When you’re playing fetch with your furry friend, pretend to throw a ball or toy for him, but hide the toy behind your back. Fido will probably race after his toy, and then come running back to you when he realizes he’s been had.

Bathtime Fake-out

Does your canine companion tends to bolt for his favorite hiding spot when he hears the word ‘Bath’? Have Fido get into the tub, but don’t turn on the water. Instead, just give him a treat and let him go. Your canine buddy may be a little confused at first, but if you repeat this a few times, he may soon become much more willing to come to the bathroom when you call him.

Blanket Monster

This one is a bit goofy, but your pup’s reaction could be adorable. Drape a blanket over yourself, and make funny noises. Fido’s reaction could be hilarious!


Always put your pet’s safety first. Avoid pranks that could be dangerous. Some practical jokes—like drawing eyebrows on your dog—may seem harmless, but actually have the potential to cause injury. If you do draw eyebrows on your pet, use non-toxic, washable inks; keep it simple; and be very careful not to get any ink in or near your four-legged friend’s eyes. It’s also very important to keep your dog’s personality in mind. If your canine companion is nervous, or has aggressive tendencies, don’t tease him. Last but not least, never scare or antagonize your pet: even if you think it’s funny, Fido will just be frightened and confused, which can actually make him lose trust in you.

Please reach out to us, your local vet hospital in Live Oak, FL, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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