New Year’s Resolutions for Extremely Judgmental Cats

Happy New Year! As we leave 2016 behind and move into 2017, many people are making resolutions, and setting personal goals for the coming year. If you have a kitty, your feline friend may be right there with you as you list your resolutions. Cats certainly do like to keep a close eye on their humans. In fact, kitties can be a bit judgmental! Read on as a vet lists some resolutions for extremely judgmental cats.

I Will At Least Pretend To Like My New Toy

Have you ever bought your pet an expensive kitty toy or piece of cat furniture, only to have her completely ignore it? Kitties sometimes add insult to injury here, by playing with something completely random, like the ring from a milk gallon or a crumpled up piece of paper. Fluffy could be a bit more appreciative!

I Will Not Follow You Into The Bathroom

Cats are very curious about what their humans are doing. Actually, kitties are rather nosy at times. Fluffy may follow you around from room to room like a furry little shadow. Some kitties even try to accompany their humans to the bathroom! Being more courteous about your need for privacy could be a great goal for your furry friend.

I Will Not Stretch Out On Your Magazine

Kitties certainly are chock-full of adorable and quirky habits. Many of our feline friends have a tendency to sprawl out on our magazines and newspapers as we are trying to read them. We know, Fluffy thinks that our time would be much better spent petting her and playing with her, but she could be a bit more polite!

I Will Leave Your Computer Alone

Fluffy came right along with us when we moved into the age of computers: nowadays, kitties just can’t resist curling up on our keyboards!

I Will At Least Try My Food Before Dismissing It

Has your cat ever begged for dinner, only to turn her cute little nose up at the food you offer her? There is actually a valid reason for your pet’s finicky behavior. In the wild, cats only eat their prey fresh, and will ignore anything that smells even the slightest bit off. That said, Fluffy has turned down some perfectly good meals!

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