Stocking Stuffers for Your Dog

It’s always fun to include your canine companion in the holiday festivities. Why not get your dog a few stocking stuffers? Here are a few gift ideas that your pup is sure to love:

Fun Toys

You can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned dog toys. Not only do toys keep Fido entertained for hours on end, they give your dog a proper outlet for his pent-up energy. Chew toys, in particular, help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy by scraping away loose plaque on the outer surfaces of the teeth. Ask your vet about the types of toys that will best benefit your canine companion.

Puzzle Toys

Try giving your dog a puzzle-style toy this holiday season as a special indulgence. Such items captivate dogs for hours on end, and they’re less easy for your dog to destroy than regular fabric chew toys. Plus, puzzle toys help to stimulate your pet’s mind, working out not only his teeth and gums, but his brain as well!

Tasty Treats

Treats are another classic dog gift, and they work wonderfully as fun and simple stocking stuffers. Treats are also important training tools; try using them to teach your canine companion a new trick or command this holiday season. Just be sure not to overdo it in the treat department, as giving your dog too many treats at once could make him sick or even contribute to obesity over an extended period of time.

Would you like a recommendation on a healthy treat choice for your pet? Give your veterinarian’s office a call for further advice.

Canine Clothing

There is a wide variety of clothing available for dogs—you can purchase everything from parkas and jackets to boots and raincoats for your four-legged friend! Clothing with reflective strips sewn in is a great idea when taking Fido on nighttime walks. Heavier garments are quite helpful for keeping dogs warm during wintertime, especially for those dogs with thin coats of fur.

A New Bed

While a new dog bed might not actually fit in your pup’s stocking, it’s a great gift nonetheless. If your dog’s bed hasn’t been upgraded in a while, he or she will most definitely appreciate a replacement! For older dogs, orthopedic pet beds may be a good idea—ask your vet for more information.

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