Winter Paw Care for Dogs

Dogs can do some pretty cute tricks with their paws. Fido can learn charming tricks like Shake, Cover Your Eyes, or Gimme Five, to name just a few. Those furry feet also help your cute pet run after his favorite toys, or jump to greet you at the door. Winter can be pretty rough on your dog’s feet, though, so you’ll want to take some steps to protect them when it’s cold out. Read on as a vet discusses winter paw care.


Be sure to keep your pup’s nails trimmed. Long nails can be quite painful for Fido! Your four-legged friend may adjust his stride a bit to ease the discomfort. This puts extra strain on his bones and joints. Overgrown nails will also make it harder for your furry friend to gain traction on slippery ice. If you’re nervous about giving your canine companion a pawdicure, get clippers with sensors. These will indicate exactly where to cut, which makes the job much easier for you. Of course, you can also just call us to set up a quick nail-trim appointment for your pooch!

Paw Pads

Just like human feet, doggy paw pads are quite delicate. It isn’t much fun going barefoot in the snow! If you live in or visit a cold climate, your pet can get painful blisters and abrasions from snow, salt, sand, and ice. Stock up on pet-safe de-icing products, which you can find in most pet stores. Booties are another option. However, not all dogs will tolerate wearing shoes. If your pooch doesn’t like wearing doggy boots, you can use balm to protect his paws. You may also want to wipe Fido’s furry feet down with a damp cloth when you bring him in, just to make sure he doesn’t have salt, sand, or chemicals on his paws.

Toe Fur

Does your canine companion have tufts of fur growing between his toes? These can be pretty cute! However, you may want to trim them back, as they can gather ice balls or get gunked up with gum or dirt. Just be sure to use blunt-end scissors.

Walking Safety

When walking Fido in the snow, keep a close eye on the terrain. Fresh snow is particularly hazardous, as it can hide dangerous objects, like broken glass.

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