Tips for Boarding Your Dog

If you have a dog, you may very well find yourself needing to board your pooch at some point. Most people generally only board their pets when they go out of town, but there are several other occasions when it may be helpful to board Fido, such as during weddings and births, on moving day, and when having surgery. Read on for some great tips from a Suwannee County, FL veterinarian on boarding your dog.

Schedules and Policies

Before bringing Fido in, make sure you’re familiar with the kennel’s policies, schedules, and practices. For instance, find out in advance when you can and can’t pick up or drop off your pet, so you don’t find out at the last minute that your planned drop-off time won’t work. We also recommend asking what to pack for Fido as far as toys, treats, food, and comfort items like bedding or blankets.

Write Down Special Instructions

Does your pooch turn into a quivering ball of fear at the first hint of a thunderstorm? Does Fido have allergies? These are a few examples of things you’d want to make sure the kennel is aware of. Don’t rely on word of mouth: write or print instructions. Keep your instructions clear and simple. The kennel staff probably doesn’t need to know that your pooch has a crush on the cute French poodle across the street. However, if Fido goes bananas whenever he sees a French poodle, that would probably be a good thing to tell them.

Trial Run

Before bringing your canine pal to a doggy hotel for an extended stay, let him experience a shorter trip, such as an overnight visit. If Fido is already familiar with the kennel, he’ll feel much more comfortable the next time he gets dropped off.

Dropping Fido Off

Try to time things so you can bring Fido for a long walk before he goes to the kennel. A fun, vigorous play session may also be a good idea. This will burn off your furry pal’s excess energy, so he’ll be calmer. You may also want to avoid feeding your pooch just before bringing him in. Being in a new environment is a big deal for our canine friends, and could upset your pet’s furry tummy.

Do you need to board your dog? We can help! Call us, your Suwannee County, FL animal clinic, anytime!

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